Plaza Women’s T-shirt


Plaza Women’s T-shirt. Kukuxumusu presents his drawing of the year for San Fermin 2022 "Plaza" which pays homage to the century of life of the Iruñea / Pamplona bullring by placing the action in the alley that gives access to the ring. In the foreground we see a silhouette of a straggling bull; in the background, a crowd of people wandering around confused by the lack of custom in all directions and, in the background, the bullring with the unmistakable green roof of the Monumental of Pamplona crowded with people, characters and assorted little people.

Plaza celebrates the recovery of all our Sanferminero vices and customs. As usual, Kukuxumusu remembers some of the characters who represent those who are no longer with us, welcomes new people and criticizes, flatters and freely discusses different situations that we have experienced until we have recovered the fiesta.

We are going to give some clues, although not all of them. In the bullring we can see San Fermín who this year has decided to go to the sun to see the bulls. Next to him we can relive the mythical scene of Will Smith's slapping of Cris Rock that will surely end with a resounding friendship in the "ambigu". Above, we remember the late Raffaela Carrá who, like a musical chupinazo, explodes, explotáme, expló la fiesta en el tendido.

Some people say when they see the drawing that kilikis and Hemingway appear, and others claim to have seen the squid game, Zelenski on a bender or Joe Biden asleep, but we can't be sure. What is clear is that the great photographer Enrique Pimoluier, who captures the scene with his camera, or Elon Musk fleeing from a bird aboard a rocket that is not the chupinazo. In the easternmost part of the canopy we can also discover Manuel Sagüés with his book on the 100 years of the square.

And we encourage you to discern whether we can see Picachu or Baby Yoda in the center of the bullring. Nine out of every ten dentists who go to the tendido do not see either of the two because they are on something else, but there are those who are clear about it. As clear as the obvious symbol of peace which is our message for the Sanfermin 2022 fiestas, a fiesta and a party to have fun and respect where everyone has a place and where we enjoy ourselves in peace.

Carlos Soria, the protagonist of many Kukuxumusu t-shirts and drawings related to the mountains, is hanging from the wall and enjoying the running of the bulls from a privileged position.

In the pile that is the main character in the central action of the drawing, the fiesta is summarized in a jumble of wills where everyone does what they can. A bull switches to kalimotxo because he can no longer drink fino and they used to call him astifino, now they call him Paco, although he prefers to be called pa comer.

From the catteries of the bullring dawns It, or the clown Penniwyse, very Sanferminero himself because he always wears red and white and catches the balloons in the barracks, but here he symbolizes evil, present in all places but we have to leave it there, in the cattery, and dedicate ourselves to having a good time in this recovery of the jamboree.

As Dar Vader said when he was in Sanfermin as an naranjito: "May the juerga be with you".

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